We started TX Hockey Co. because we wanted to highlight Texas hockey in a way that hasn't been done before! Everything is bigger in Texas, so we wanted to make our hockey lifestyle apparel bold and full of character! As former players, we have a good idea of what the hockey lifestyle means, and what it means to look good, feel good and play good! 

Our designs are inspired by Texas, whether that be the state, the colors, or the culture, and we wanted to infuse hockey into those elements! You don't have to be from Texas to appreciate our hockey apparel; our gear is inspired by Texas but made for all! 

By adding some TX Hockey Co. apparel to your lineup, you'll be adding some toughness, finesse and style; where else are you going to find that kind of talent!?

Thanks for visiting us and we hope that we can add some southern hockey to your hockey lifestyle!


TX Hockey Co.